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 States' Rights

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Defender of Liberty
Defender of Liberty

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PostSubject: States' Rights   April 22nd 2009, 08:52

There's an interesting article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram reporting the state legislature, of Texas, is considering issuing a "cease and desist" order against the Feds. Check out the article; it's very interesting.

This causes me to wonder--just how many things are we "mandated" by the federal government? Does anyone know, and how could we find out--of course, we also need to know the cost of these intrusions as well. Don't you think the citizens of Georgia would be furious if they could see an accurate accounting of how the federal government has usurped Georgia sovereignty, and that of all other states, in direct opposition to The Constitution?
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PostSubject: Re: States' Rights   April 22nd 2009, 15:14

I can't get to the article. It just hangs.

Somewhere I was reading (or heard) about unfunded mandates to states from the Fed. I know there is a big complaint about this but not much on the particulars. I distinctly remember the state talking about withholding income tax and using that to fund the mandates.

Apparently our income taxes are sent to the Federal Gov. every quarter. That would make sence, since when I was an S-corp., I paid quarterlies. So some states are beginning to fight back by holding on to some of our money.
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States' Rights
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