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 Patriotic Trivia about the Sugar Hill Applebees

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PostSubject: Patriotic Trivia about the Sugar Hill Applebees   April 24th 2009, 15:40

If you walk into our AppleBees in Sugar Hill on Hwy. 20 and sit in a booth midway down the wall, you will see an American Flag behind plastic on the wall. It looks different than all the other pictures which are of movie and rock stars, typical to an Applebees. It is obviously placed over something else on the wall because it is covered with a plastic sheet and taped along the border to the wall.

As a waiter or waitress what is behind the picture and the odds are that they will not know. Some do because I have been questioning them and telling them. The manager does.

Well as the late Paul Harvey said, "Now for the rest of the story".

Shortly after we went into Iraq, the Dixie Chicks went to England are openly trashed our troops and President for the war. You all probably remember that. Well myself and other began complaining about having to look at their picture. One day I came in and the flag was there and has been there ever since.

The manager is a good patriot (and pilot). Extend your patronage to their resturant when you want some good food.
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Patriotic Trivia about the Sugar Hill Applebees
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