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 UN Rights of the Child Treaty

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PostSubject: UN Rights of the Child Treaty   June 24th 2009, 12:50

How many times can you ring the "Danger" bell before it starts fading into the background? I know this is a family-friendly board, but I'm just about mad enough to go keyboard postal and get myself kicked off this board for shouting obscenities.

A couple of deep breaths later, and I'm ready to roll.

The Obama administration is looking into reviving the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child. It was signed twenty years ago by Clinton, but never submitted to the Senate for ratification because they did not have the 2/3 vote to pass it. Now they are looking at pushing this through again. Folks, this is another power grab, actually doubly so. Because it is a treaty, under the Constitution, it would become the supreme law of the land, over all federal and state law. And, more insidious, it usurps one of the most important of reserved powers--the power of parents to rear their children as they see fit. Sure, the media will tell you it only guarantees a child the right to an education, health care, and freedom from abuse. Who doesn't want that for your children? I mean, I surely want my kids to be educated, healthy, and safe.

But watch how this plays out. This give the UN authority to determine what constitutes education, potentially threatening home and private schooling. Don't think that the ACLU won't pick up a case against home schooling parents who choose not to teach their kids about diversity, pregnancy prevention, and drug abuse, all in the name of education. This gives the UN the ability to argue, as has already been done, that children have a right to a gun-free community, in the name of health, and that teaching kids a gun can be a good thing is not healthy for them. It also has the potential of giving the UN the authority over how I parent--is it abusive to make my kids take out the trash, weed the garden, and make their bed (sounds like involuntary servitude to me). What about restricting their access to the computer when they argue with their siblings? What about making them sit in their room until they can come out and apologize? Worse, is it abusive to teach your children that our faith is the only true faith?

This is getting pushed through because only two nations have failed to ratify this treaty--the US and Somalia. The unspoken statement in that is that we are just as bad as pirate-infested, lawless Somalia. If we aren't vigilant, we'll be shamed into passing this awful treaty, and we parents will end up petitioning the United Nations for the right to make our kids eat their vegetables. Maybe Somalia isn't so bad after all.
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PostSubject: Re: UN Rights of the Child Treaty   June 25th 2009, 12:30

I seem to remeber this whole thing back when Clinton was pushing it. Its another one of those bills that people just won't be able to see the bad side of. The media of course won't show the bad side for the most part. After all, who wouldn't vote for a bill that's "for the kids". It would be like voting against the patriot act!

Sad thing is, I'm afraid there's a lot of brain washed people already who believe in the same things the UN wants for our kids. They just don't have a mind of their own I guess, and have to rely on the government to tell them what is right. Afterall, shouldn't the most powerful people know what is right for everyone?
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UN Rights of the Child Treaty
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