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 Mark Sanford's traveling pants

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PostSubject: Mark Sanford's traveling pants   June 25th 2009, 12:10

Is there anybody on this board who thinks he shouldn't resign as governor of South Carolina? C'mon, guv, do the only honorable thing and step down. Stop embarrassing yourself, your family, and conservatives everywhere.

I only wish Mrs. Sanford had done what I wish every cheated-on wife of high profile individuals would do--throw the bum's stuff out onto the front lawn of their mansion. I might even have voted for Hillary if she had done that to Bill (well, that would be a stretch). But who wouldn't love the news story of Bill's clothes getting thrown out of an upper window of the White House.

We have got to get some stronger women in this country. I, for one, don't want to think about the reaction my wife would have if I cheated on her. Clothes strewn all over the street would be a relief.
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PostSubject: Re: Mark Sanford's traveling pants   June 25th 2009, 12:26

I would imagine that the wives of most of the politicians aren't much better than the poloticians themselves. More than likely, they all enjoy the life their spouses give them and enjoy being dependent upon the government to keep them in that life. So, I doubt any of them want to ruin their own lives and stop the money flow that would happen if they made a big deal about something like this.

I too would like to see it though, and I bet there's a ton of Americans that feel the same way.
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Mark Sanford's traveling pants
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