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 Would you sign a second Declaration of Independence?

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PostSubject: Would you sign a second Declaration of Independence?   June 30th 2009, 07:39

Re-reading the Declaration has caused me to think--it is time to draft and sign a second Declaration. Drafting will not be difficult--the original was as clear and well-drafted a statement of individual human rights as possible. All that needs to be changed is the list of government abuses in the middle.

Having read the Declaration again makes me realize--I am becoming a Constitutional secessionist. I believe that the federal government has thrown off its Constitutional moorings and is running rough-shod over all of our individual liberties. When a president, by executive order, can decree what kind of light bulb you must use in the name of global environmentalism (yes, look it up), when the Climate Change bill imposes California building codes on the entire country and taxes cow flatulence, when the federal government owns most of the banking system and most of the transportation industry and seeks to own most of the health care industry, when our so-called representatives pass bills to our hurt that they have not even read and ignore the will of the people, when one person has greater rights than another because of the color of their skin or the DNA of their dating partners, and when the government oppose the constitutional rights of Honduran citizens, courts, and military to oust a dictator bent on depriving them of their rights and liberties and instead sides with dictators the likes of Castro and Chavez, then it is time, not to rein in the government, because it is far too large to control, but to rescind the treaty that formed that government in the first place, the Constitution. Patriotism is not the support of my government, no matter what it does. Patriotism stems from a support of the individual, natural rights that are endowed to each individual by their Creator God, and if a tyrannical government seeks to remove those rights, patriotism requires that the government be opposed.

Unlike the militia groups, I do not call for assembled armed resistance against our government. Rather, I seek the peaceful dissolution of this Union of States and the formation of a new government in the tradition of the original government of the thirteen United States of America. I believe it is our right, and our duty, to oppose the continued onslaught against our inalienable rights, and I, for one, recommit myself to preservation of those rights, for myself, my children, and my children's children.
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milliam Supporter Supporter

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PostSubject: Re: Would you sign a second Declaration of Independence?   June 30th 2009, 12:48

Here, Here!!!

Well said Coelman. There's no doubt our government is running way off the tracks. I agree that we need to get back to the Constitution that we've drifted a long ways from these days, but I'm afraid it won't happen without a fight. Those fat pocketed, greedy power mongers in the government won't let go of their cash cow and their power source. I'd like to think that we could all simply take back over this country and make it what it was and should be by peaceful means, but I just can't see it happening that way.
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DecepticonDon Supporter Supporter

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PostSubject: Re: Would you sign a second Declaration of Independence?   June 30th 2009, 15:53

I am in agreement with both of you. But the reality is far more complex.
Dealing with the situation will not be easy. The largest problem will be motivating the people.
With the current economic situation, many folks are worried about their families and less aware of what's happening.
Add the liberal media to the equation and hardly anyone knows what kind of steamrolling we are in for.

I believe, like milliam, we are past the point of no return. Those holding power, will not relinquish it unless by force.
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PostSubject: Re: Would you sign a second Declaration of Independence?   June 30th 2009, 17:42

Why stand we here idle......

While I agree with you 100% that what you have outlined here is the best, most practical, most favorable outcome in order to preserve liberty on this continent....I can only wish that I shared your optimism that such a thing is possible under the tyranny we now face.

It is far, far worse than the sheeple know, and getting worse every day.

And if those that subject us to their tyranny do not hear us....then we shall have to yell louder.

As we all know, the hard question that must be answered comes when we tell them not to destroy our liberty, and yet they continue to do so.

Then, we will see just how deep our love of Country and Liberty goes...

_________________ McBerry for Governor 2010
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PostSubject: Re: Would you sign a second Declaration of Independence?   

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Would you sign a second Declaration of Independence?
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