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 Tax Day Tea Party

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PostSubject: Tax Day Tea Party   March 9th 2009, 20:58

What: Gainesville, GA Tax Day Tea Party
Where: Poultry Park, corner of Jesse Jewell and W. Academy St.
When: 4:00Pm to 6:00PM April 15th, 2009

In coordination with Tea Party groups across the country, will hold a Tax Day Tea Party in conjunction with the people of Gainesville, GA that annually have a show of support at the Gainesville post office for the Fair Tax. There is also a protest planned for Atlanta, but being a resident of Gainesville( and I suppose Gainesville, GA being the "home" of, I thought it would be appropriate to let the citizens of north Georgia know that we are officially on the job.

Please consider joining us on April 15th at Poultry Park in Gainesville. I will have American flags, Gadsden flags, a Culpeper flag and we will make signs. I'm also going to be contacting the local AM radio stations and anyone else who will listen to let them know what is in the works. I do not believe we will need a permit, since we will occupy the public sidewalk on Green Street, but I will look into it. I know tax day is not on a weekend, but isn't a stand for liberty worth a day off work?

Please be sure to see the RULES page for the rules we must adhere to per the city permit.

I will start a thread in the Liberty or Death Forum for comments, suggestions, sign ideas, and coordination of the event. This will be our first official event, and I would like to see it be a launching pad for the May Day event. If anyone has contacts in the media, please alert them. If I've forgotten any information, please ask questions in the new thread provided in the Liberty or Death section of the board.

Thanks all,
Let Freedom Ring!

_________________ McBerry for Governor 2010
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Tax Day Tea Party
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