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 The Games in Washington, D.C. Must End

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PostSubject: The Games in Washington, D.C. Must End   December 13th 2009, 11:58

It is not that I believe, but that I know in my heart that our government has been perverted by the most vile of corruption: greed. We watch the games that are played on Capitol Hill, including negotiating/writing a bill of unconstitutional boundaries behind the symbolic "closed doors" where one party is the only one represented while the minority party stands outside and cries to We, the People of the injustice of it all. Yet, when you truly investigate the "leadership" of the minority party, you discover that they have played the same game before. You also discover that many within the minority party have voted on legislation based on what they can "barter" for, as opposed to the principles and values they should uphold. You also discover, upon a broader review, that the vast majority of members in both houses of Congress have voted based on influences by lobbyists and "outside" concerns, as opposed to voting based on what We, the People are calling for. You notice, as well, that while the minority party votes against major pieces of legislation that We, the People have voiced our concerns about, they have also voted in favor of other bills that have increased our federal spending levels, increased our national debt and continue to devalue our national currency. The gravest thought to all of this is that the members of the minority party have been doing this with full knowledge of the repercussions of their actions on our country. We see an occasional "light" when legislation is introduced that bears teeth in reigning in our federal government (ex: Ron Paul's HR 1207, Federal Reserve Transparency Act) yet the legislation, after being initially assigned to a committee, gathers dust because the leadership within the committee and the specific house of Congress are not in favor of considering such legislation. And this is regardless as to whether the proposed legislation carries over 1/2 of the membership within the particular house of Congress as cosponsors.
Where is the true concern/outrage and appropriate action from our elected representatives (from both houses) as regarding the actions taken by BHO and his "administration"? We hear of speeches on both floors and interviews on radio and TV regarding constitutional questions about the executive branch but we only see very limited action on the floor of both houses. It is truly just a political game engineered to allow certain members on Capitol Hill to "remind the sheeples of their grave concerns" so that they can appear as supportive of the outrage from We, the People. In the meantime, we see executive policies being made by BHO's Circle of Friends (ex: the "pay czar's" declared decision as to how to limit the pay of certain executives). These "czars/advisors" are making policies, with other outside influences as their supporting guidance, and then passing these policies onto their puppet/mouthpiece whom We, the People know as POTUS. BHO is the sophisticated, eloquent spokesperson for the advanced movements by the Socialists to degrade our nation and eventually turn our country into a pauper state. All of this so that our country can be at the whim of intenational interests (research the Bildenberg Group and George Soros, for starters). Yet, while We, the People declare our outrage towards the policies and the unconstitutional group of "policy-makers", our representation on Capitol Hill play their game of sending out their "talking heads" in an effort to convince us that they hear and support our grievances, while doing nothing of substantial quality to stop the madness within our executive branch. And all the while, our Senate Judiciary Committee continues to approve of nominees for federal judge positions (as offered by BHO) who have no intention of judging based on constitutional law but instead will continue to judge based on outside interests and "personal feelings".
Our Republic has become a shambles from what it was intended to be. The Socialist movement has taken a stranglehold on our country within the past 50 years and are aggressively pushing their agenda which they have slowly been preaching into our society and our government for appx. 100 years. The past four generations of American citizens have allowed this to happen due to our complacency to exercise our God-given right to vote and by voting (when we did) based on which "mouthpiece" was saying the right thing, as opposed to looking at where they had stood on important issues of the times prior to running for the particular seat of government.
So where does this leave us? We can find honest, principled, moral citizens (they are out there) and encourage them to be our representation in Wasington (and in our state capitols and local governments). This as the goal to restore our Republic and put government back within the constitutional boundaries that they should have always been abiding by. Otherwise, we have another choice, which I would regret seeing our country turn to. The choice is up to We, the People as individual citizens of our country. The choice is up to You, the concerned citizen to make. I've made mine and have been exercising it for what seems like an eternity. When are You going to make yours and declare it loudly for all to hear?

Wild Bill Conant
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The Games in Washington, D.C. Must End
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