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PostSubject: HARRY REID IS GONE IN NOVEMBER, 2010   February 15th 2010, 21:57

Before I start, I want to point out that Harry Reid’s retirement party will be held in the streets of Reno and Las Vegas starting the evening of November 2,2010 (my treat; just kidding but I wouldn’t mind being rich enough to pull it off) and probably every American Patriot in the country will be there to celebrate with the Nevadans.


Nevada has two main choices: Sue Lowden (whose Constitutionally-principled platform I like,however ...) was the Nevada Republican Party chairman ("professional politician??") and, along with at one time owning the Sahara hotel/casino, is currently the Executive Vice President of the gaming company Archon Corporation; and you have Danny Tarkanian, not a professional politician in any stretch of the word, whose political philosophy is based on constitutional conservatism with limited government who opposes the government takeover of private sector industries. He believe in a smaller government which would leave no restrictions for We, the People to achieve his or her own ambitions. Interesting choices, Nevada: either way, you will get rid of "ol' Harry" in November. My recommendations: Danny T. He has no political dues to be paid (such as owing the RHINOS because someone was the state Party Chair) and no lobbyists to influence him (such as the gambling associations in Nevada, like ?Sue?).

It was pointed out to me by one of your fellow Nevadans that Sue’s record of supporting Harry Reid’s agenda is obvious to the casual observer. To a researcher like myself who vetts his sources, I totally agree. Now that Sue has announced her candidacy, she has claimed that she has “changed”. They all say "I've changed" once they have entered the campaign arena, especially in this climate where We, the People are more involved and refused to stay "dumbed down" anymore. Though I'm from GA, I have a vested interest in getting Reid out of office and replacing him with someone with real principles and values. With Danny in office, maybe he'll rub off on our two Senators (especially Isakkson) and we Georgians will have Senators who vote their conscience based on what their constituents are asking for and not listenting to outside "advisors" (lobbyists). I'll work to support Danny anyway that I can.

I’ve also wanted Reid out because of Yucca Mountain. As an engineer in the Radiological Control field, I've worked with commercial nuclear reactors for 18.5 years and now with DOE sites going thru decommissioning and remediation. I've consistently sent emails (don't ask me how I do it) to Reid's office, along with faxes, pointing out that Yucca Mountain would be a boon to regional employment and businesses. There is a lot that goes into maintaining a storage facility like Yucca Mountain and would require many employees. It is also the best designed storage facility in the world and is the safest (environmentally and radiologically) that anyone could ask for, short of sending the waste into the sun. Wink However, Harry continues to listen to the environmental lobbyists whose rationale on why Yucca Mountain is unnecessary and unsafe is based on conjecture, not scientific basis.

NEVADA, the choice is yours. Either way, you’re going to get rid of Harry Reid and I (and many other American Patriots) support and applaud you for your efforts. The question is: Do you want someone who has no vested interest in becoming Senator, other than representing his constituents from Nevada with the Constitution in his hand at all times, or do you want another “professional politician” who will owe favors to particular lobbyists and comes from the same old state GOP committee who has been supporting Harry Reid throughout the majority of his career as Senator by running lackluster campaigns for your GOP candidates? The answer is clear to me from way over here in Georgia. P.S. GO, RUNNIN’ REBELS.
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