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PostSubject: DISGUST OVER COURT MARTIAL OF NAVY SEALS   April 6th 2010, 08:51

Hopefully, Justice is taking over in this madness known as the court-martial of Navy Seals Matthew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe and Julio Huertas. Announced thru AP and confirmed on Fox News this morning (4/06/10), the military judge will allow the testimony of witnesses who saw the capture and arrest of terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed.
Abed is the terrorist responsible for the capture of four Blackwater employees, including killing, burning, dragging thru the streets and hung on a bridge crossing the Euphrates. These three aforementioned witnesses are also being held in detention. Also, the judge will allow the three Seals to confront Abed in court.
In the meantime, where is the Commander in Chief? POTUS, the CIC of all military forces could end this nonsense with the complete dismissal of this case. "Navy Seals responsible for the capture of the most evil of all terrorists, barring Bin Laden, are being court martialed for punching this "pig" in the face, as claimed by this "pig"??" Proceeding to court-martials based on the claim of this “pig” of a terrorist is a direct assault against our men and women of the armed forces, currently serving and veterans alike. I must remember, however: I’m talking about the President who has repeatedly shown disdain for our military forces and their efforts in our war against terrorism. Oh, my fault: the “engagement against enemy combatants”. I have continuously sent emails and phone calls to the White House imploring the President to step in and end this madness and I will continue to do so, knowing that BHO bears no concern for our men and women in uniform performing their duties of protecting our country. I encourage everyone to call, email, fax, etc. to the White House for BHO to stop this madness NOW.
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