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 Letter from the Gov. of GA

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PostSubject: Letter from the Gov. of GA   March 19th 2009, 15:31

The response to my letter to the Gov. asking that the state set the example and not take the Stimulus money.

It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy, I tell ya....warm and fuzzy.

[letter follows]



ATLANTA 30334-0900

Sonny Perdue


Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for writing to share your thoughtswith me about funds available from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. I appreciate your input on this matter.

Georgia has accepted these funds, including extended unemployment benefits for our citizens. As installments of this federal stimulus money become available, we will be transparent, accountable and responsible stewards. Our grandchildren will be paying for this bill decades from now, and I want to ensure they receive something of value in return. As a state, we will be closely monitoring the distribution of the funds and making sure they are used in a careful and responsible manner.

You may track the funds received by Georgia at our accountability website, This website provides a direct link to each state agency and an agency contact to answer questions regarding funding, timelines and the grant process.It includes a section that details all direct federal aid. It also shares the agency that received the funds, how much they received and the purpose of the funding.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you again for writing.


See, now didn't that make you feel good all over? They KNOW that your kids will be paying for this, and they (STILL) want to make sure they get a good value( BY WHOSE STANDARDS?) for the money.


_________________ McBerry for Governor 2010
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Letter from the Gov. of GA
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