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 Tea Party Protester Info

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PostSubject: Tea Party Protester Info   April 3rd 2009, 10:37

I have received the following information from other Tea Party People across the country.

According to Freedom Fighter Radio,
ACORN groups are “gate crashing” Tea Parties pretending to be anti Obama and asking people to sign petitions so they can get your names and addresses. Please do not sign anything at the Tea Parties unless you are sure where the petitions have come from and are legit.
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PostSubject: Re: Tea Party Protester Info   April 4th 2009, 23:56

Per my other post on this - we will be taking your name if you want to help with future operations, but we will not have any sort of petition at this particular rally.

_________________ McBerry for Governor 2010
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PostSubject: Everybody here who is going to a tea party tomorrow bring a camera   April 14th 2009, 21:43

We have to watch how the media is going to spin these tea parties.

Here is what I think we can do. Everybody here who is going to a tea party tomorrow bring a camera. Take as many positive pictures as you can. (young family with signs, business men in suits, etc) The media is going to these events looking for racist signs and other idiots. I know this because it recently happened in Colorado. When BO signed the stimulus here there were a ton of protesters. I was there. Apparently there was one guy who had a Swastika inside an Obama O. Of course he was everywhere in the local news for the next week.

If we have these pictures we can spread them. Use facebook, myspace, i-report, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Tea Party Protester Info   

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Tea Party Protester Info
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