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 T Shirt Company makes good on errors...

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T Shirt Company makes good on errors... Empty
PostSubject: T Shirt Company makes good on errors...   T Shirt Company makes good on errors... EmptyMay 8th 2009, 20:20

Sent off for 3 conservative T shirts. They came to me crooked. Emailed them about how to send them back and exchange them.

Next day, I see they have sent out another package to me(email confirmation came). Two days later I have all new shirts that are almost perfectly straight. (I'm picky. Wink )

Here's a links: CONSERVATIVE T's

Please note, their photo at the top of the page is a little adult oriented and the website does have some shirts that I would not want my kids to see(if I had small children). However, they have some of the most pointed, non-sugar coated messages I have seen yet and they are well worth a look if you're over 18. Smile LOL ( It's hard trying to mold my comments for every type of parent out there - just know that there are some borderline things on there - nothing really bad, but probably not something you'd want your 8 year old seeing, etc. etc. etc. )

Also note: they have links to other T Shirt sites that they may own(my guess on that), and some of the material on there isn't suited to children or IMHO decent adults either. Just an FYI.

I do know this - they are fast and they could not have better customer service. I did mention that they didn't even ask for the first set back didn't I? I didn't? Well, they didn't! And THAT is something of a miracle in this day and age.

Sure, they might not have been able to resell them at full price, but it's rare to find that much trust from a company dealing with the public!

So, THANKS GUYS! I've added your website to my blogroll of links too.
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T Shirt Company makes good on errors... Empty
PostSubject: Re: T Shirt Company makes good on errors...   T Shirt Company makes good on errors... EmptyMay 30th 2009, 13:10

They've got some cool stuff.
I'll definitely be getting a couple.
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T Shirt Company makes good on errors...
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