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 Healthcare Reform

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PostSubject: Healthcare Reform   Healthcare Reform EmptyJuly 17th 2009, 08:05

With the constant ringing of the alarm bells going off all around us, it is hard for any warnings to sound loud enough to create action. But this one is extremely serious, and one that, with action, has the potential of going down in flames and handing the Obama administration a resounding defeat.

Now is the time to contact our senators and congressmen and let them know that the solution to any health care problems we have (many of which have been manufactured so that we have a "crisis" that needs to be addressed this week) is not to break the system by nationalizing it. I run one of those small businesses that would be required to purchase health insurance for all employees. (We already do, by the way, and we pay dearly for the privilege. But if we didn't, this new health insurance package would cost me a staggering $40,000 per year. Our business has three, count them, three employees. $40,000 comes right from my pocket. $40,000 in additional taxes would shut my business down. And don't think it ends here. After a couple of years, when the money to run the program doesn't materialize (and it won't, trust me), they'll surely look to raise taxes on businesses who do provide insurance for their employees, to cover the others who don't.)

And this isn't just about business, either. Do you really want the federal government controlling your life? It's bad enough that the health insurance bureaucracies do it now (ever try to get approval for a surgery, or ask for a drug to be covered that your kid needs?). Try doing that with Washington. You'll be writing your congressman asking for drugs for your kid. Controlling our access to health care controls us. Look at the motorcycle helmet and seat belt laws. What was one of the reasons for implementing these laws--we all pay for the costs associated with unsafe behavior through our medical system, we need to ensure that people are being safe. What's going to happen when the government is paying for our health care? Look for the food police to come out of the woodwork.

And finally, while it doesn't seem to matter much to this crowd in Washington, there is also that little document called the Constitution, that does not give anybody at the federal level the right to use the police power of the state to force me to pay for the health care of somebody else.

If this plan passes, I recommend that you take an advanced first aid course, because for the routine stuff, you'll need to take a number and get in line. Just like taking a package to the post office.
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PostSubject: Re: Healthcare Reform   Healthcare Reform EmptyJuly 17th 2009, 10:26

how are they going to pay for it? By taxing of coarse...

House panel passes tax increase for health plan
Quote :
By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON - The House Ways and Means Committee early Friday passed legislation to revamp health care, approving tax increases on the wealthy to help pay for the plan.

The committee voted 23 to 18 to approve the bill. Three Democrats joined all committee Republicans in voting against the bill.

Over the next decade, the bill would impose $544 billion in new taxes on families making more than $350,000.

The vote came more than 16 hours after members started debating dozens of Republican amendments that were ultimately rejected. Republicans complained that the bill would hurt small business owners who pay business taxes on their individual returns. Democrats say the tax increases will affect only 4.1 percent of tax filers who report small business income.

and if they think I'm buying that it's going to be 350k and up, Only, they are dreaming.
This will hit Everyone.
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Healthcare Reform
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