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 We will NOT be wanting your autograph...( A Heads up!)

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We will NOT be wanting your autograph...( A Heads up!) Empty
PostSubject: We will NOT be wanting your autograph...( A Heads up!)   We will NOT be wanting your autograph...( A Heads up!) EmptyApril 2nd 2009, 18:05

Except for maybe Mrs. Zoller's. Cool

Rumor is, there may be people at events across the country that are trying to get people gathered at Tea Parties to sign a "petition" or some such. Then, your information may be used against you, sold, used to sign you up for Leftist Weekly News...who knows? Leftist hackers have already hacked many of the Tea Party websites where parties in various states are listed, trying to sabatoge the movement. Would you really put ANYTHING past them?

I will let you know if it changes, but as of right now WE WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING FOR YOU TO SIGN in the form of a petition, etc. at this Rally. We may have members who will give people information on the website and take names and numbers of people who want to help with future events, or with's mission - but DO NOT sign anything that you haven't read fully.

We'll leave that kind of nonsense up to Congress................................for now.

So, if you see someone asking people to sign up for something, or sign a petition or give our their information, go up and ask them who they are with and what they are trying to do. If it's people, you will be able to tell, just wait and see! Smile If they do not look like us( you'll me.) then find the nearest officer and ask that they be removed.

Speaking of which, Police Chief Hooper has informed me that anyone who is not with our group and who is causing trouble should be reported to the nearest officer, and they will be asked to leave. If they are holding a sign that says anything racist, obscene, vulgar or leftist, they are obviously not with us. DO NOT HESITATE to have them removed. If, on the other hand they think they are mocking us with a sign like " I HATE HIGH TAXES AND LOVE GUNS" then pat them on the back and ask them to hold their sign a little higher. Smile
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We will NOT be wanting your autograph...( A Heads up!)
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