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 President Obama's News Conference Today

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PostSubject: President Obama's News Conference Today   March 24th 2009, 21:31

President Barack Obama is defending a budget idea that would reduce the tax deduction that wealthier families can take when they make charitable donations.
Obama says the plan is "the right thing to do." What does this mean?

Speaking at a prime-time news conference, the president said the change in tax policy would be realistic and fairer to lower-earning families that make charitable gifts but get a smaller tax deduction. Some lawmakers don't like the idea. They say it could hurt donations to needy groups in a time of need.

Obama says the provision would affect only about 1 percent of the American people, and they would still get a tax deduction, just not as big as they used to get. This 1 percent gives 50 percent of all monies to charities each year.
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PostSubject: Re: President Obama's News Conference Today   March 25th 2009, 08:50

It would only affect the top 1%? Horse manure!

Imagine that you are a top 1% wage earner. You have a choice with what to do with your extra money. You can either take it and give it to charity, and not get a full tax deduction, or you can take it and invest it in your business, and get a full tax deduction, or you can keep it, and get taxed on it. So whatcha gonna do? Maximize your tax benefit, right? So charitable giving goes down. And the other 99% of Americans feel the effect, when CHOA can't get the new piece of medical equipment, or the Ronald McDonald House doesn't build a new wing, or Habitat has to cut back on its plans, or the Red Cross doesn't have enough blankets in an emergency.

So the needs don't get met, right? More horse manure. We can't let people not get emergency care, or housing, or medical care. Government steps in to help, with dollars borrowed from our children and grandchildren. We'll just raise taxes a little more on the top 1%; they can afford it, because they aren't giving as much to charity as they used to.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we've got a huge surplus of horse manure.
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PostSubject: Re: President Obama's News Conference Today   March 25th 2009, 09:24

almost everything he said last night either:
Made no sense or
Was a bunch of words strung together to make it sound like he was saying something.
Out and out rhetoric.
He also equated his education plans with "right now" economic growth. Takes years for changes in the education system to have an effect.
Always has 'Plan' but never any details. Sounds 1984-ish
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PostSubject: Re: President Obama's News Conference Today   

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President Obama's News Conference Today
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